Recent Before & After Photos

Lauderdale Mold Damage Demolition

The Before Photo shows the black mold that has colonized behind the now removed lower cabinets in this Lauderdale kitchen. When a water leak goes undetected for... READ MORE

Office Flooding in Falcon Heights

The Before Photo says it all--the ceiling lights reflecting off the standing water on the carpet. This clean water resulted from a break in a fitting in the nea... READ MORE

Stormwater Intrusion in Falcon Heights

The open window in this Falcon Heights home allowed a high volume of driven rain to soak the walls, ceiling, and now removed carpeting. The After Photo shows a ... READ MORE

Roof Fire Leads to a Mess in St Anthony

The electrical short in the attic led to a blaze that burned some ceiling panels, contents, and structural elements. The water and fire damage effects are very ... READ MORE

Vacant House and Frozen Pipes in Falcon Heights

The extended cold season weakened some interior plumbing in this vacant Falcon Heights home. The clean water that spurt from the ruptured pipe covered the oak h... READ MORE

Storm Water Damage to a St Anthony First Floor

The intruding groundwater soaked into the laminated flooring and wicked into the baseboards and walls of this St. Anthony home. The damage is visible in the Bef... READ MORE

Condo Building Basement and Water Damage in St. Anthony

The cast-iron water line split from the freeze and soaked the basement area of a condominium in St. Anthony. Unfortunately, pipes also froze in the above units ... READ MORE

Lauderdale Rainstorm Penetration Causing Water Damage

The window, now since closed, was open, allowing a significant amount of water from a driving storm to soaking the walls, baseboards, and the wall-to-wall carpe... READ MORE

Water and Fire Damage in Falcon Heights

Most home fires also suffer water damage from the fire-fighting efforts of our first responders. SERVPRO can arrive at a Falcon Heights home swiftly to begin th... READ MORE

Water Damage Remediation in St Anthony

The utility closet in this St Anthony rental unit was leaking water from the supply line to the hot water tank. It went unnoticed as the moisture accumulated in... READ MORE